Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

A part of me..

She didn’t know what went wrong
What made him walk away?
She tried to figure out
But nothing he would say
For her questions pestered him
Her tears made him embarrassed
She never wanted to be a priority
But a little care was all she expected

She still kept giving
Giving in day and out
But all went in vain
When all he beheld was doubts
Doubts of an uncertain tomorrow
So he told she has to go
Her dreams, her wishes, her love
Were shattered in a single blow

They thought she betrayed him
They called her a bitch
And she would take it on her
For she wouldn’t let his picture get tainted
I saw her pillow one morning
All wet with her tears
I saw her standing by the balcony
Looking into the thin air

I saw her clinging onto his picture
Crying silently so that no one sees
All she begged her fate of
Was a sight of his

Occupied with things important
He had moved on well in life
It was never tough for him
For she was another woman by his side
He did well, he was making merry
He thought she must be over him by then
Least was he aware she died each day
Like a wanderer in a desert, her days were spent

I saw her moving out
She had forgot how it felt being loved
On seeing people holding hands
A tear down her cheeks would trickle
Like a lifeless leaf she wandered
Into the burnt forest of their love
Seeking a place to pour her heart out
She looked below and above

When saw no place to confine
Saw no place to cry her heart out
She kept walking towards a dead end
Against the fate she had enough fought
She reached the valley, stood there high
Saw down the abyss and looked behind
When saw no one who would call her back
She let her body be taken down by the wind

They located her body amidst the woods
With a note in her hand clutched tight
And a picture of his in her hand
It read “I will love you till I die”
It read “don’t let him know of my death
He might live life in guilt
Just tell him I went to a place afar
And though I loved him still”

I stood there while they lay her corpse
And a tear went down my cheeks
A kid asked me who she was
I told him “a part of me “


  1. Isn't this poem used in the book "You were my crush till you said you love me"? :)

  2. yaar this poem is there in You were my crush..only different is that here it is about HIM nd in book its about HER....i mean so who have written the poem first..u or durjoy??? i guess durjoy has copied from u..isnt it??

  3. I feel honored that Durjoy has taken my poem and made it a part of his book! :)
    He is kind!