Thursday 29 June 2017

While learning to unlove

Kept withdrawing each step
away from your direction
that took away a lot
some smiles, many tears
little love, and all of my heart

created my own little space
away from everything that was yours
it took one second for you to enter it back
one look, one song, and too much hurt

Starting again from scratch
let me walk away
stop pulling me in
you know we were set for decay.
I know I can't unlove
but let me at least forget
that song of love,
those hair falling on your forehead
let me learn to live without you
and learn how to harbor my regrets.

Monday 27 March 2017

The three 'R's

In disdain I watched from the window of my office
A patch of grass being redone
On the little ground between
The tallest structures of bricks and mortar
And I questioned the existence of the
Slender palms, spread across a reasonable green 

It was a reassurance, to the ones like me
That there is the possibility of bloom
Even amidst the detached exchange of hellos and cold rubbing of shoulders
Or is there?

Or will there be the need to renew,
another patch of grass, as they threw
That burning cigarette, on its last leg
And pressed it under their shoe
Because that's what everything is reduced to
The three words - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

That's what everything has reduced to.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Conclusively hence.

Can you look into her eyes 
And tell her what you did
They will pierce your soul apart
Put you on the brink 
To an inevitable fall
You invited upon yourself.

Did you not see her see,
Or were you too naive to assume
That the fate of your debauchery 
Would outlive that of the frivolities 
You had chained her with?

The storm within her
Is now ready to tear you apart
Into the nothingness of your being.
Watch out!