Wednesday, 7 November, 2012

Void stored, Life drained.

Numb you stand and watch
While they take away all you had
No tears will suffice
To bring it back
And then you will stand and watch
Your blood wailing in pain
No words but shriek escaping lips
Eyes blood shot and senses will quit
Only comprehension that remains
Will be synonymous to pain
Muscles will fail you
There won’t be much you could do
Feeble, hopeless, grey you sit
In an empty room, just emptied
With walls that smell and speak of a presence
Whose absence now, forever will prick
This ache will crawl up your toes
Will penetrate your skin, diffusing into the blood
Until it hasn't had fun inflicting your wound
As you twist and turn crying
Which will never be enough
And life will bring you down to your knees
“Bite the dust, you took for me granted”
It will announce and laugh and mock at your pride
Its time you knew, it wasn't yours to ride
You pay the rent and leave one day
A few tears, a day and it will continue its play
Fair or not, it’s not for you to say
Who are you? What are you, anyway?!