Wednesday, 10 December, 2014

Of guarded memories.

Turning pages of an old diary,
that smelled of a wilted rose;
She read those guarded memories,
logged in the ink of love and woes.

Those eyes and lips together,
sang in chorus, of her fate;
When a silent tear and a longing smile,
surfaced her sombre face.

Sunday, 7 December, 2014

To a 'Happily Forever' end.

Dreadful of an eventual aggregate,
She apprehends putting it together;
Pieces of all the things,
That fell apart.

From the inability to conform to the contents,
Of the inevitable,
She runs from the light,
Into the dark.

Since each ray of light,
Reveals terrifying vistas of reality,
She tucks herself under the blanket of the dark night,
Cornering herself from all the turbulence,
In a fear of waking from the dream,
That puts together all her hopes,
That assuredly has a
'Happily Forever' end.

Thursday, 6 March, 2014


At the cusp of her lash
Lies the tear from the other night
When she downed another glass
And embraced all that was vice
In solitude she sat, cross-legged
Before the mirror, in her bareness
Looked into it and smiled
Looked into it and cried
Held her face in her palms and sighed
Then rolled along the floor and howled
Those freckled walls and the insolent dresser
Remained there unperturbed
The empty couch and the dirty sheets
Stared into her helplessness unstirred

And then you walk in
Closing the door behind
Pulsed with desires you walk towards the bed
She lays there silent with her legs spread
Done with your business
You walk away with no words exchanged
All you leave her with,
Is some white trash

Each day, you burn down
The rims of her only bridge to life
With each glass of whiskey
She has gulped down her pride

Another night passes by
With one of you again
Her numb insides, sore
Her bruised soul lingers
Somewhere in the dark corners
Of her carcass, the little that has remained
And she embraces all your vice
Closing her eyes
Remaining mute in the pain

Thursday, 27 February, 2014

Once again

I can no longer hide my desires.
Not any more.

I cannot choose between my entirety
and your hypocritical demands
I do not dread being alone
but loneliness does hound

My body cannot carry your scent any longer
and my taste buds have desensitized
While you keep urging me to taste
the dish you served,
the one I denied

In a fight between denial and me denying
I let denial win again
because the only candle in the room
nursed in the darkness of my being
melted away to undo the shadow
cast on the frame of our ties

I have hidden all my desires,
once again.

Sunday, 5 January, 2014


When the clouds of grief pull an evil dance
And the dry leaves rustle over the ground
Hang in there, sweet child of mine
You’re being tested of your perseverance

You will look for love in things lifeless
You will scratch your knees as you drag yourself
Chasing everything you ever beheld
With eyes drowned in spirits you will see
Images of everything burnt down to ashes
Those embers rise and vanish into the humdrum
Terminating all that ever prevailed
There is no testimony to them you can attach
You will cry until there is nothing wet left
Shout until your voice box ruptures
You’d be a stone

Panting you will reach a dead dark end
Looking around for something you can withstand
Look above, sweet child of mine
You will see them shine bright
In the darkest of nights
Seeing the one that falls
Make a wish, close your eyes
This is when you let go off all your pains
Hold your face in your palms
Love again.