Tuesday, 27 September, 2011

Wish you were here..

Today while travelling back to home
That song suddenly played
The one you would sing to me all the time
While engulfed in your arms I laid
I blinked my eye to not let tears make their way
My cheeks then felt a sudden wave of air
Reminding me of the way you would caress my face
How I wished, you were here..

Every time I visit those places and see
People holding hands and making merry
I sit back and time pushes me
To the times when our laughs echoed the streets
To the times we celebrated my smallest victory
To the times when we ate in the same dish
To the times, I thought it will always persist

As I walked down the road
And it ended at my place
How I wished it was yours and not mine
When I reached back and undressed
While my hands moved around
How I wished they were yours and not mine
While I settled to have food
And mom got American Chop suey
I settled back and moved rear
To hold back a tear that struggled to find its way
How I wished, you were here..

I reached out to the bed
With the phone in hand I fiddled badly
Typed your number to call but didn't make
Wondering, I was supposed to act angry
I typed a text, congratulated and kept it away

I peered from the corner of my eye
To see if a text from your side appears
But there came no reply
And I broke down clutching the pillow tight
For it was already too hard to bear
With our pictures bookmarked
I smiled seeing the highest likes
That tear finally made its path clear
And while I struggled to sleep
That tear failed to wash your sight
And I kept wishing, wishing you were here..

Wish you were here..

Saturday, 24 September, 2011


All that was left over
Were the pages where you wrote
I was the prettiest woman
Of your life, you swore
But today when I look back
All that they seem
Is a playful wish that you knew
Will never come into being

But I was living a dream
Of our being together
I stood against all odds
My love didn’t wither
Aware of the uncertainties
I remained there still
Dreaming with eyes open
I wrestled every glitch

But it ended, it had to end
And you went, you had to go
To make way for YOUR things
OUR love was made a scapegoat
I cried, I shouted
I questioned your stand
Your answer was the same
“You alone are the one I want to talk to”
While with ease you left my hand

I waited for a while
For you to realize
You took me for granted
And now you bear the price
For I am walking away
Rendering this heart to someone
Who will see my love
And will reciprocate it with tons

Though I tried my way out
To get things back in fashion
But then I see you moving forth
Abandoning me to dejection
Now you expect things to get fine
For you want them to be your way
But since you dejected my love then ....

 So, dejection is what you’ll have to face.

Saturday, 3 September, 2011

You wished i was around..!

No matter how much the distance separates
And though our accord has surpassed the lease
Of all the times you wash your clothes alone
And end up putting in the washing powder less
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

I know you thought of time being wrong
You were more unsure than you could be strong
The better things in your life have taken a toll over me
But of all the times when you sit down tired
Walk towards the kitchen to make your coffee
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

Of all our pictures on facebook
When you would maintain the count of likes
Today when I am no more there in them
Though someone else is
While you hold her waist and get done a click
Something from those memories would hound
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

In the cold winter afternoon
When the blanket comes off
And the cold hits your bare feet
And you would lay there thinking I will envelope you
But while you lay alone, with a bare bosom
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

When you drive down home from work
And pick your phone to dial a number
There seems nobody you want to talk to
And with tsunamis in your eyes you struggle
Put the phone at bay and look at the watch
It reminds you of the times you said
“This promises a great day, so when with you
This is what I would put on”
Choked you look outside in thin air
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wished, I was around

Our favourite songs, our favourite movies
The places we would visit
The American chop suey
The Friends on star world
The in numerous pictures
Everything whenever you would try to shun
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

Today when you text and tell me things
Of how things are moving and how occupied things were
I hold back my tears and act all good
And show no sign of despair
I only keep praying for your success
No matter you aren’t there
I still hope against the hope
That the day things will settle
And you achieve by leaps and bounds
The toast that you raise to celebrate
Will seem garbled and half-done
I would like to believe & make peace
That you wish, I was around

Title & frame courtesy : Neha Choudhary

Thursday, 1 September, 2011