Saturday, 24 September, 2011


All that was left over
Were the pages where you wrote
I was the prettiest woman
Of your life, you swore
But today when I look back
All that they seem
Is a playful wish that you knew
Will never come into being

But I was living a dream
Of our being together
I stood against all odds
My love didn’t wither
Aware of the uncertainties
I remained there still
Dreaming with eyes open
I wrestled every glitch

But it ended, it had to end
And you went, you had to go
To make way for YOUR things
OUR love was made a scapegoat
I cried, I shouted
I questioned your stand
Your answer was the same
“You alone are the one I want to talk to”
While with ease you left my hand

I waited for a while
For you to realize
You took me for granted
And now you bear the price
For I am walking away
Rendering this heart to someone
Who will see my love
And will reciprocate it with tons

Though I tried my way out
To get things back in fashion
But then I see you moving forth
Abandoning me to dejection
Now you expect things to get fine
For you want them to be your way
But since you dejected my love then ....

 So, dejection is what you’ll have to face.


  1. * For you want them to be your way
    But since you dejected my love then ....
    So well expressed. <3

  2. i felt like these were the thoughts of my mind. Amazing.. U have a god gift with you...