Saturday, 29 October, 2011

But its, THEY.

They ventured a walk
After they parked the car at FMS
In her black pyjamas and slippers
She would still look the best

The chill in the wind
Made her nose go red
He looked at her and smiled
Her cheeks he caressed

Winter promised its arrival
He held her waist under the moon
The stars dimmed their lights
The walk promised unison

They walked back towards the car
He held her face in his palms
As Bryan Adams promised his love
Their breathes fastened
She felt the warmth of his breath
On her neck, on her cheeks
Her lips quivered in ecstasy
As he got nearer and kissed

They saw a decade together
The blankets were forever warm
The naps were always a pretext
To trigger the love that blossomed
And it’s another winter again
They still sit in the blue Zen getting cosy
They still find all pretexts
They still go for drives till late
The only difference being, it’s now THEY.

Sunday, 23 October, 2011

The right time is NOW!

It was five in the morning today, I had not slept. I watched Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and then later I was going through the facebook profiles of all those people I had met lately, I had lost lately, I had loved lately and I hated since ever.
One common and static fact pertaining to everybody remained, that they had all changed. I am nobody to judge whether for good or bad, but they had. I shed a few tears looking at certain pictures and I laughed over certain crazy ones, memories have their due in everyone’s life.
I opened my chat box and saw, only a few people were online. Four. Out of which, there was a friend, who chose to ignore me. I had never known the reason, or I guess I did. We never talked about it, but we would always stalk each other’s profile so that we knew what was going on. Although I knew it in my heart he won’t reply, I still dropped in a ‘hi’. And to my surprise, he replied.

Him: Hey, how are you mitthi?
Yes, he would call me that!

Me: I am good taptop, how have you been?
And yes, I called him that

We talked for an hour and we told each other how much we missed our long chats, our night calling. He had shifted to Mumbai and things have been on a changing spree since then.
After I talked to him I realized, that maybe life isn’t all that sad. I had never thought he would ever reply, but I didn’t give up on trying, and we did talk. My neck pained like crazy for I have been suffering from cervical pain, but I didn’t want to let go off him. I wanted to relive all those memories of our doughnuts, of our KFC meets, of our Barista coffees, of our first hug and of our unspoken words and silences.

Him: Mitthi, of all the times I write and erase a text before I send it to you, I just fail sending it all together as there is so much to say and a message can never be enough.

Me: You don’t have to say anything; I can comprehend with your silences.

All I want to say is, if there are people in your life you just want to never let go off and distances have crept in, feel no hesitation and try. It doesn’t matter who does, because at the end of the day, you are saving a relation worthwhile. Who knows what tomorrow has in store, you got to seize the day my friend! Don’t ponder over what’s the right time, for the right time in now!

P.S. This one is for you Taptop! J

Thursday, 13 October, 2011


The wasted night, The wasted day
That wasted sight
Her wasted fate
Wasted was the hate
Love a better industry?
Duh! Then Death be it
For after that
Nothing awaits
Only a wait
To again be one
One with fate.

And she died

It lies there in front of my eyes
It says the truth they say
Liar, i call them all
It was not the truth when he died
They said it was a suicide
The assassins killed him
He was not wealthy
She was a queen
She died too
Liars spoke again
She was love deprived
Though died of of being infidel
She couldn't take the onus of the guilt
They made her dance in the court
She did silently
She belched the whiskey loud
They said, long live the queen
And she died.

The song ended

I played a song
Heartbreak again?
Too numb to realize
Was he the one?
Thinking is futile
I played a song
And i looked at the window pane
Rains? oh no
Too typical
What do you have to say about love?
Oh not love again
I played a song
The clouds above
No point trying

It will end there
I took the earphones off

And then, it ended
The song.

I heard he is still waiting
someone tell him i am dead
i heard he still cries
someone tell him i am dead
i heard he still thinks i am the one
someone tell him i am dead
i heard someone saying he died..

I cannot see

And i left
Now i don't want to
But now the doors are closed
And so i sit outside

Inside its all dark
I cannot see anymore
They have tied my legs too
So i cannot leave
And there someone thinks
I am making merry.

Saturday, 8 October, 2011

When the tables turn

There was a time when I loved
The idea of love
And then I felt how it felt
But today when I reflect on what I beheld
I am filled with unparalleled regrets

I bent down for us
Not because I thought I was wrong
I bent just to behold whatever we beheld
For a little more while, for a little long

And when it ends today I am fine
For I can breathe, I can live
And when it ends today you will see
What you ignored thinking I was meek

I would still sway my way to someone’s heart
You will see me having fun
Someone else will hold these tresses
Someone else I will go and strike
And will get naked in love’s ocean

You ignorant one, lend me an ear
I will whisper in your ears what you should know
Get your ass out of here and never look back
For I will bite and spell death alone

I will dance around the bonfire
Of those pictures of yours with mine
And you will shat your pants when you see
Me lying with someone intertwined

You changed the hues of my life from red to black
Now you watch me live with it
The innocence was a long stolen fact
And now a devil in me lives
A storm rises within me
The fragrance of my breath quiver
While I crash down on the floor and write
None, these eyes will now spare
And when I make my move I shall see
How you cry and live in misery