Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

To self.

A few words that echo, the only smile with glistening teeth, the uncovered yawn and the sweaty forehead.

The cusp of the tissue, the rear-view mirror, miles marched or really?

Sleep deprived eyes, liked unlike, stalk and sulk, look around and then move rear.

A song of love, an always after all, the dry monsoon and the clock that did halt.

Interrogates the mirror, an unanswered self, then picks up a pen and sulks a little more.

Saturday, 7 April, 2012

Please remember me.

Remember me when you dance
Call my name when you sing
When I climb the staircase to heaven
Don’t let the tears in your eyes touch the brink

When the nasty sun rays peek through the window
And tease you as they fight your eyes
Whilst you turn your face and toss the side
Remember me embracing you between the sheets
As you frown and in my bosom you confide

When the wind rustles through your hair
Kisses your neck, climbing slyly to the ears
Remember the warmth of my breath that moistened your neck
That petite face in my hands, when I leant, turned shy
When a promise of togetherness on our lips did reside

As you pick a band to tie those tresses
Stop half way and remember me as I undid
Those locks darker than the night
Wherein my dreams played hide & seek
Lost in those tresses my nights were spent
Running my fingers through them, whilst you bent
You sure did cast a spell, you sure got me hypnotized

When the dresses don’t fit and you start to age
Remember when in the mirror you gaze
Those eyes still make me skip a beat
Whilst every night I see them gazing up at me
Trying to locate me amongst the stars
While a silent tear flows and you promise yet again
The smile is all you will greet me with, the next night

Let him take your hand now
Let him take you for a ride I didn’t
Your smile is what kept my life going
Your smile is what will keep me going in death still
As I watch down from the skies
So smile when you let yourself to him
And take a step or two, let loose those hair again
The music that will play in your ears
Let just that music be me

Remember me as you dance
And remember me when you sing..