Wednesday, 10 December, 2014

Of guarded memories.

Turning pages of an old diary,
that smelled of a wilted rose;
She read those guarded memories,
logged in the ink of love and woes.

Those eyes and lips together,
sang in chorus, of her fate;
When a silent tear and a longing smile,
surfaced her sombre face.

Sunday, 7 December, 2014

To a 'Happily Forever' end.

Dreadful of an eventual aggregate,
She apprehends putting it together;
Pieces of all the things,
That fell apart.

From the inability to conform to the contents,
Of the inevitable,
She runs from the light,
Into the dark.

Since each ray of light,
Reveals terrifying vistas of reality,
She tucks herself under the blanket of the dark night,
Cornering herself from all the turbulence,
In a fear of waking from the dream,
That puts together all her hopes,
That assuredly has a
'Happily Forever' end.