Friday, 18 September, 2015


I've walked a lot of roads,
They've led me to dingy shacks,
With loose bulbs and chipped ceilings;
Where love only resides under the sheets
It's unknown faces, when out of them.

I've walked a lot of roads,
They've led me to shady bars.
I've bled on broken bottles
And have led my wounds be fed on by thirsty hungry mosquitoes, from here and about.

I've loved with all my might,
I've kissed without it and I won't deny.
I've been a bitch you've been warned about,
I've been the angel you've dreamt.
I will wreck every castle you build,
I am a ship without a compass, with a baggage of guilt.

There's no place I can stay for too long,
I have no money to pay the rent,
I am a rover who doesn't have a place to call home,
A tramp with no heart to lend.

Monday, 14 September, 2015


I never claimed to be a dream,
But was oblivious until you said,
I was a nightmare you detest.
I had laid out all I owned,
The madness, the chaos, the noise
Of my head, the mess of my presence.
You held it, pretended to nurture,
Drove uphill only to push it down
That edge.
With an inability to collect the damaged remains,
I make do with the scattered self.
Dragging on the drudgery of life,
Sipping on the tears of blood,
Licking my wounded self.

Monday, 17 August, 2015


With every lover who marked
A territory of his conquest,
She lost a part of herself.

They claimed her heart and soul,
She kept giving all she had.
Towards and away,
Back and forth.

The fashion had its unfolding,
She kept losing, they kept taking.

Oblivious of what was left,
She lost another conquest.

Now she's walking back and forth,
With nothing to give away,
For nothing she does possess.

The very remains of her belongings
Are buried somewhere in a place,
Where she last removed her dress.

Sunday, 19 July, 2015

Let's Rot.

Settling in all the humdrum of life
And dragging all the broken pieces
Giving in to the chaos in head
I will choose a corner
From where you can't smell
The pungency of my being
And my failed self
Rotting in a shady hut.