Wednesday, 31 August, 2011

He struggles to have a few, while the other for a few more!

I walked pass the street
A woman lay in the corner asleep
I pitied her crisis and walked ahead praying
May god bless her with better things

at a signal I saw a few kids
Two inside a car, peeping out from the window
Two outside trying to woo them
Woo them with the way they twisted & turned their bodies
So that a smile from the ones inside,
Would let them make peace with their appetite

I moved ahead and saw a few men
Some sitting inside a well-lit building
A few trying to build up a similar one
When I was sweating while walking alone
I wondered what must be their plight
Working in scorching heat to manage a plate
For their families waiting at home

I went home and saw a girl
She was my age and pretty
While she washed the dishes
I saw her dreams crushed down
For she had no business
Of thinking to study
Her life was confined to dirty dishes

The next day I went pass the same path
The woman who lay asleep had actually died
And still nobody cared to stop by and help
They walked pass feeling sad
I walked pass too

The kids who twisted & turned their bodies
Were standing at the food stall nearby
They asked for a frooti, with a ten rupee in hand
They had a glint in their eyes and a wide smile
The vendor shooed them away for they were a penny less
The frooti was for eleven, he said
They went with their heads hung low, I stood their numb

Then I saw a handful of them less
The site where men worked tirelessly
A roof had fallen upon on a few
And I thought of the abandoned families

When reached home, she wasn’t there too
I asked our maid, her mother
She was sent to the village for marriage, she said
I wondered of her predicament, as if this was less

When we complain of ACs not working fine
Of travelling by an auto, for we don’t have our own car
And while we curse the school for holding tests,
A few destitute remain inside our homes washing our mess
These are the plight of poor
Of people who die everyday
Striving to manage
A square meal, a day!