Tuesday, 29 November, 2011

Night beyond years.

That Night I lived
That Night I Loved
That Night I Kissed
That Night I Blushed
That Night I Submitted
to his charms,
That Night I let myself free
in his arms

That Night I felt his breath
climbing up my neck to my ears
Whispering I was special
He held me to never let go
That Night was beyond years

That Night I belonged to him
Only to realize, the day rested at the brim.

Friday, 25 November, 2011

As I say Goodbye.

As I say goodbye to the hand that held
The falling me, the lost myself
As I say goodbye to eyes that promised
Of love, of friendship, of feelings unmatched

As I say goodbye to the kiss unlived
No matter how much I suppressed the yearning self

As I say goodbye to the laugh that echoes
In the ballroom of my heart, where a certain feelings danced

As I say goodbye to the promises unspoken,
As I say goodbye to the affinity down trodden
As I say goodbye to the arms unwrapped,
As I say goodbye to something I never had

My heart sinks
I stand with a batted breath
To witness the impending
To watch you walk ahead
And how I still will never regret
For something unparalleled we sure shared
Something premium not molested and raped
With the flood of expectations
But fostered with a clasp of love innate

These few days will remain etched in my head
When you only gave, expecting nothing
Your memories will span distances and times
As I will pull of a smile to the world and amidst
My heart will never cease to sink.

Wednesday, 16 November, 2011


Today as I sat and told her
Don’t cry honey that is how things move
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, to tell him
Love is all you need
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, you got to understand
Don’t let love go
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, he loves you
He isn’t possessive but watchful
She wept and wept and wept

She said, what do you know about love
You failed in your own quest
I looked at her as eyes brimmed
She picked up her bag and left

Gravity didn’t retire to idleness
Tears she pulled with all duress
As I wept and wept and wept.

Saturday, 12 November, 2011

The Unfulfilled love

And today when I fell back
You weren’t in time to catch
A wound inflicted again in heart
Of the love that went ahead
Leaving the us behind
Leaving the eyes teary red
No, it’s not the nose anymore.

And today when I scrolled through contacts
Your name still fastened my breath
A silent tear rolled down my cheek
I typed my heart in a text
I curled up in the blanket alone
No, it’s no more you by my side.

And today when I picked up my pen
And today when I wrote my name
I still wrote your last and attached it to mine
And today when I wrote my heart in the text
And today when I almost hit a send
I erased it all, for I can only whine
As today I stand alone for love left abode
As today your love is no more mine
As today we admire from distances alone
As today the love stands unfulfilled
As today the pursuit remains unaccomplished

How I wish I was a time traveller
For if not fix things,
I could reach out to the better times.

Tsunamis in my eyes never cease to drown me
The coldness in the air makes me miss the warmth
As I would snuggle in with all my love
In your bosom, in the ardor of your arms

And today when I grabbed the pillow
And today when I turned the light down
There appeared a text that said
“How are you? What’s going on?”
“I am terrible without you come take me back”
Is all I wanted to say as eyes brimmed again
“I am good, how about you”
Is all I could write and then howled in pain
And I still wonder, and I still believe
Grieving for you is better
Than moving on
For they say, its unfulfilled love alone
That is a romantic one.

Saturday, 5 November, 2011

When he saw her last

The sunny day, the heat, the sweat
I lingered somehow to college in tracks
The first bench was my best friend alone
That tree in the college garden my bolster
In these hot summers I laid in its shade
It reminded of my mother’s lap
It reminded of my father’s hand
When he would keep it on my shoulder
Telling the ways of life and men
They died last year.

Another day, same faces
I was used to of my routine enough
The first bench, the break and my tree
The scribbling with my pen on paper
As I occupied my seat
I smelled a fragrance
A sudden air went across my face
It was as I stood amidst a valley
Full of flowers and hues of grace
I looked at my side
She sat there.

Those eyes were bigger than an infant’s
They carried a tinge of brown
Every time those curled lashes shut
It seemed the world came to an end
Her curly locks fell above her waist
They were darker than the darkest night
That kohl lined up her eyes a way
That swayed many stories from her life
As she looked at me and said that ‘Hello’
Those little pink lips moved in the most delicate way
That nose on her face, how I wished I could touch
Every boy yearned for her and girls stood in dismay

She was the wish I would ask God for
The lost light of my life I yearned
She was the girl I would have taken to Mom & Dad
Had they been here to bless their young son
I wrote her a letter to tell her how I felt
Ninety sleepless nights and days
I pictured us together in my growing
I was sure my love would find its way

As I entered the next day
Waiting with batted breathe
She came up to me
My hand she held
Torn pieces of my letter
She handed over and said
“Get lost from here
You scrap you loser”
And those classmates mocked
But I didn’t regret
She was the only wish I beheld

This was the piece he wrote the last
Nobody knew where he went
With her picture in his heart
And with his unfulfilled love
He never returned to that land

After many a years
When she was the mother of two
Everybody reunited and celebrated old days
She was as breath-taking
As she ever was
She only got beautiful with her age

She asked for him to a few
Nobody ever knew where he was
She rushed back home
Opened a letter from him she long possessed
But never cared to read before
She didn’t need it
Everything in life she has always had

She read it and crashed into the floor
He had died that day
For only death could pacify
His unfulfilled love
His desire for her, for his life
She lamented, she cried
She clutched her hair, tore her dress apart
His last words were,
“You were my only wish,
The one I wanted to see the last”
And so he chose the day
He saw her the last.

Plot courtesy: Neha Choudhry, Her blog (beautiful collection of poems) : Let Life Breathe...

Wednesday, 2 November, 2011

A little love is all they need.

They saw him in growing
In her womb he lay
They held hands together
Waited for the big day

They held his finger tight
While he ventured that first trail
He clicked those first pictures
When he clutched her hair
While he would nibble on his petite nails

She did not buy a saree that day
Because for a playstation he whined
He made peace with his worn out shoes
For his smile over the new bicycle was prime

For his education alone
They worked for extra hours
While there was an AC in his room
They spent July in sweat showers

Now he is a big man
Has achieved by leaps and bounds
They smile at each other when they see him
Feel proud of their mighty son

I walked past their house
And heard someone shouting
No it wasn’t her anymore for his incomplete homework
Neither him for his scattered things

It was him now shouting at them
It was him telling they interfered
It was him saying they were too old
To watch television disturbing his news
To wish for a walk alone
As the house would be empty then
And vulnerable to thefts
I wondered, were they the watchmen?

Today as I walked by I heard her shouting
His wife it was, the son’s wife
She shouted at the mother
For she left some grey hair
In her comb.
Was it a vintage comb? I wondered.

Many such days followed
They were accused of open taps
Of unheard mails
They would sit in the veranda sometimes
Looking into nowhere they lay
Pondering over what went wrong
Talking with the birds they would say
“Children are our assets, no matter how they behave”

After a few days I saw the smiles back
Together they walked towards the car
Maybe going out for a holiday, I thought
As a few packed bags they loaded 

The house was quite
The veranda deserted
The birds no more there on the parapet
As I asked the little one in the family
Where granny grand pa were,
At “old home” he said

I looked at him playing
The bicycles were back again
I wondered if this cycle would follow
When this kid will leave his parents
On their own when it was time for him to pay
Pay back all that they did for him
While he was ignorant and they only loved more
Each passing day

The two left to the old age home
Spent their lives together in depravity
Not of resources, but love
Not of money, but family
And died a desolate death
While all that they owned
Some money, some jewellery
In his name alone they wrote their will
And I realised that day
Its only parents on heaven and earth
Who love even on being dejected.

All they yearn for is a little love. Too much to ask? Please do think.