Saturday, 12 November, 2011

The Unfulfilled love

And today when I fell back
You weren’t in time to catch
A wound inflicted again in heart
Of the love that went ahead
Leaving the us behind
Leaving the eyes teary red
No, it’s not the nose anymore.

And today when I scrolled through contacts
Your name still fastened my breath
A silent tear rolled down my cheek
I typed my heart in a text
I curled up in the blanket alone
No, it’s no more you by my side.

And today when I picked up my pen
And today when I wrote my name
I still wrote your last and attached it to mine
And today when I wrote my heart in the text
And today when I almost hit a send
I erased it all, for I can only whine
As today I stand alone for love left abode
As today your love is no more mine
As today we admire from distances alone
As today the love stands unfulfilled
As today the pursuit remains unaccomplished

How I wish I was a time traveller
For if not fix things,
I could reach out to the better times.

Tsunamis in my eyes never cease to drown me
The coldness in the air makes me miss the warmth
As I would snuggle in with all my love
In your bosom, in the ardor of your arms

And today when I grabbed the pillow
And today when I turned the light down
There appeared a text that said
“How are you? What’s going on?”
“I am terrible without you come take me back”
Is all I wanted to say as eyes brimmed again
“I am good, how about you”
Is all I could write and then howled in pain
And I still wonder, and I still believe
Grieving for you is better
Than moving on
For they say, its unfulfilled love alone
That is a romantic one.


  1. Oh My God, Priyanka! This is such a beautiful poem!
    ** Grieving for you is better
    Than moving on
    For they say, its unfulfilled love alone
    That is a romantic one.**
    I love your poems. Always so beautiful, so expressive. :)

  2. Who the hell did this to you really! Makes me hate the person.
    Sounds strange as hell. But why would someone hurt you? You're such a beautiful Miss Poet!This thing is so sad.
    Say it.
    Just say it! who he is and he'll be so dead. :P *makes a brow frown*
    P.S: I really like this one Priyanka :)

  3. Anuranjani : Thanks so so sooo much re! I am glad you liked those lines in particular, they somehow are very dear to me :) :)

    Greeshma : Awwww! *Hugs* Thanks so much re! But you know, lets not blame him. Lets blame the time, it bails us helpless :) and thanks so much re..thanks a lot :)

  4. *hugs back* But you see, the way I see, you can always fight. With time! :)
    But, point taken. :)

  5. I know..sigh! i did, i am still doing :) :) and when i see myself on the verge of giving up i instead pick up a pen and write. Feeling all geared up to fight again :)

  6. its strange. why do we keep falling for the same person again and again?
    for days we will create a distance try to move on and then within five minutes we are back to block one.

  7. damn you. as good as you are you just reminded me of it all. *bangs head in wall*

  8. Awww! Do you know that's exactly what makes you the best? ;)

  9. Raj: And I am so sorry! :( and totally, it was him, it was always him and as far as i can see, its still him.. :)

    Greeshma: *hugs* love you! :)

  10. For they say, its unfulfilled love alone
    That is a romantic one.

    no apologies needed. like ever. especially when u can write lines like these.

  11. For if not fix things,
    I could reach out to the better times.**

    Ouchhhhh! I bet you struck a chord with millions, trillions here .. sheesh, i guess its stupidly human to fall for the wrong person and hurt ourselves in the process. if only we had better judgement! Sigh!
    but you expressed this soooo beautifully. Tu toh meri favourite haii :D (one of them , atleast :P)

  12. Raj: Thanks so much :)

    Greeshma: :* :)

    Aayushi: And the butterflies in my stomach do not cease to dance when my favorites say something like that! *hugs back*
    Thanks re :)

  13. go watch rockstar if you havent already