Thursday, 30 June, 2011

Only When I Had Found Love, It Left My Abode.

And when I thought yes I can love
love took a flight and left my abode
and when I had found comfort in him
those steps left my trail
and away they rode

when I had started enjoying the warmth of the winter
curling up into his arms
summers came running by
leaving me forlorn

when each morning was followed by his wake up call
now they are followed by giddy alarms
then we would derive bliss from washing dishes together
would feel elated in just being along

Watching television was more fun
Just cause’ we would snuggle and see
Seeing him drooling o’er half naked women
I would lean away and he would appease

It’s a changed world now
the smiles are ousted by tears and
the little fights by silences
we would still yearn to hold hands, kiss, make love
but something would keep us rear

and from distances now we admire
and remember the happy times we together led
for love we know has left abode
and sulking now would not help!

I Want to Fall in Love!

Life when I saw was young and bright
I had people to hold on to
Things to call mine
And I kept losing one by one
All that I beheld
Keeping silent I saw how fate had dwelled

Tears that don’t seem to end
Relations do
I stretch my hand but nothing remains
Distances creep in from every nook
And I tell myself
Only the day can follow the night
But the cloud seems to cover the only ray too

That is not what I wanted
Being a sadist in life
That is not what I chose
But something that came falling by
And I accepted
For I couldn’t change
The me, the you, the call of the day

And here I pity my predicament
For nothing better can I do
For relations all seem lost in a blur
And a beggar doesn’t get to chose

But I want to see the stars shining
I want to take in the scent of the air
I want to wear a smile that doesn’t fade
I want to dance away my tears
I want to kiss and be kissed
I want to fight and make up
I want to sleep over the phone again
I want to fall in love..!!

It Was All About Thee!

I was walking with the belief
You were walking just beside
But little did I know
Quietly you had abandoned and withdrew
While I was just standing there
Where you said you will be back
Just a moment ago

It was a thing of yesterday
When life lay in your arms
you held me tight
To never let go
And today unconcerned as you are
And cared least to tell that
You wanted to leave our abode

But wherever you go
Your eyes will look for me
Every time when you lay alone
And tussle with your sleepless pillow
All you will see
Is a picture of us together
That you didn’t care to keep

I knew it wasn’t working
And so I let you go
But what if you had tried
And what if we had stayed
These rocky roads would be gardens
Where together we would lay
The seeds of our love
Of a bond that will stay

But in some corner of my heart
This belief remains
We would wash clothes together
Would make the coffee again
For the roads you take
Come back to me
To my heart
Even if not together
We are still not apart
I know when I think of you
Those hiccups would remind
Of the love of the times
That together we led
Though not along
The faith still nests
Of my hand in yours
Of a dream that rests
On the lashes of my eyes
And I don’t let it blink
With a fear to let it break
For that is all with me

Even if this dream
Pierces through my eyes
And my breath wavers like a snake
I would still with all my will dare
To dream of undoing this smoke storm
Of darkness that pervades
For even if it doesn’t take me to you
I will make peace with the deal
That if not the destination
The journey was all about thee..

Spent the Night in Love...

I haven’t slept enough
Not cause’ I was tears in your memories
But cause’ I knew
I was in love

These eyes half closed
Half lidded
Dream of our togetherness
But these dreams have filled my eyes to the brim
And I cannot see
The path that awaits
You and me
Though I am much sure in heart we will meet
And so I walk forth
See through my faith
The path that awaits

And I gain strength
From the happy times
We together spent
Of the memories we together made
When with no reason
We would tickle each other
That echo of our laughs
Still stays
In my ears, in my heart
Tweaking your cheeks
While you lay asleep
Teasing you saying
“yes you snore”
And that blush on your cheek
And that cleft
Made any day mean
A lot more

When we would eat in the same dish
And you fed from your hands
Every bite meant much more
And I would only get through
Till I was stuffed to feel choked
Cause’ eating from your hands
I wouldn’t want that to end
And you would laugh and tell me
“I haven’t seen any girl eating more”

Broken Punjabi from your lips
That only made you sound funny
You would never stop trying though
To see me giggle and laugh
Those names you addressed me with
Special in their own very way
And it gave me the pleasure of three worlds
When tired in my lap you’d lay

Little did I know
You would walk away
Just when I felt insecure of
What In future lay
Couldn’t you tell me I wasn’t right
Couldn’t you just keep back and stay?
For now I have departed from my self
And have fallen in your love
It’s your exotic smile and that gash
Which hounds me in every face

And this night ends like the usual
Dreaming of you being around
And this ever so building up urge
To see your blessed sight for once
For your face is the vision I seek
Your voice the sound I want to hear
Your hand the touch I want to feel
So I spent the night in love and not tears..

Completing the Incomplete Us..

In the rooms of heart
I open bottles of fragrances
only to find them nil
the lights left me
in the bosom of dark
in the middle

there is this prick in the air
there is this salinity in water
every morning turned into a cruel night
gods possibly are enjoying my plight
they don't seem to love me anymore
for my prayers are going unheard
for they must be least perturbed

as i reminiscent
i gather what must have kept him
from calling my name
for he is a lake
with waves of silences
so whom do i blame?!

do i blame the scene
that led us here
or do i blame myself
for i just wanted times to be better
but never walk out of our sphere

i thought i would take the clouds
in my hand
and squeeze them
but they stormed over me
telling me
nowhere did i stand
i thought i would leave naughty noises
in the silences of the night
but the lull before the storm
was all that was left to my plight

and i am still searching
for the shells of love on the shore
the shore where once we walked
we kissed
and we took the vows
vows of never ending love
vows of life together
only to see them shattered into pieces
that i would gather
to keep alive the memories
and live somehow
to try and change what i did
and to mend the things, for now
i know that only in you can fizzle
the nomadic spilling river of my love
of my life
and of silences that can be read by you alone
and none other

this unseen and unspoken tale
of our love shall soon be read and loved
it will bring back happiness and life
completing the incomplete us..!!

You're My North Star!

I am a nobody to many
But why regret
For one thing I know
Someone would never forget
To check upon my deadlines
Of things important and trivial
Would scold me on being careless
But I would be as liberal
For I know as long as you’re along
Nothing I would fear
In worries and in pains
Someone who would kiss away my tears
Would hug me, be my bolster
Assuring an “I would be there”
You deliver a kick to my ego
Praising away all fears

I can stand against all odds
All I need you is you by my side
And if the doom befalls
Together we would fight
The break of the dawn
The silence of the night
And gaiety will have to knock the door
Or I will make peace with your sight
A blessed face, with even blessed a smile

My silences are words to your ears
And never will you question
With calm you will take the brunt of my temper
How I wonder such devotion

You’re the quilt to my winters
Bestowing the warmth of your love
The sunlight in my growing
Completing the me with an us

Every time I walk away
You wouldl keep there waiting
Cause' you know without you I won’t walk forth
For you are the one who will always be
Someone with a forever
Someone standing by me

You’re my confinement
You add bling to life’s hues
I would remain stuck in a fix
If I was to do without you
For as long as you are along
I don’t care of things afar
For you’re my own very shadow
You are my north star!!

A Love Tale!

She couldn’t see
She always had
A hand to hold on to
When darkness would dwell

Her day would start with him
The afternoons and evenings would follow the rhythm
The nights then consumed in his dreams

She held his hand when friends left path
And sought his shoulder
When gloom would befall
But when it came to love
She couldn’t see
What his eyes beheld
And his touch would mean

She went afar not realising he was the one
Who had always wanted to color his life
With the hues of their love
And to give her all he had
He would keep the hope alive
Not scared that these dreams might get shattered
Like a piece of glass
And would only hurt his feet
When alone in the nights he would walk
Feeling tormented and torn apart

He would still be around
Would be her bolster
Not caring about the hurricane
That might extinguish
The flame of his hope
His geared spirits

Only after having struggled around
In the quest of love when she settled at last
A figure appeared standing forth
It was him still waiting for her, to cast
The magic of his love that he always beheld
The spirit of faith he had held so far

She could read those eyes now
Only begging for her love
She could sense that touch now
Yearning to ignite the flame of their love
She could see how he had descended
Slowly and graciously
On the wings of love
That yearned to carry her
To a world that belonged to their love
With a tear in her eye
She hugged him tight
With warm caresses
She apologised
For having overlooked
What has always been by her side

They promised each other of togetherness
Even if the seasons changed style
Or if a new tune life would ignite
Rivers may change course
And rain shall forget her notes
But to remain in each other’s embrace
Was all they sought from life

Today they remain holding hands
Feeling content and fortunate
For life has bestowed their paths
With pearls of love and solace

And this should be the trajectory
Of all love tales
Only if we realize the love that awaits
And let it in our lives
With arms widespread
And hatred shall be a thing of past
Only happiness would dwell!