Thursday, 30 June, 2011

Only When I Had Found Love, It Left My Abode.

And when I thought yes I can love
love took a flight and left my abode
and when I had found comfort in him
those steps left my trail
and away they rode

when I had started enjoying the warmth of the winter
curling up into his arms
summers came running by
leaving me forlorn

when each morning was followed by his wake up call
now they are followed by giddy alarms
then we would derive bliss from washing dishes together
would feel elated in just being along

Watching television was more fun
Just cause’ we would snuggle and see
Seeing him drooling o’er half naked women
I would lean away and he would appease

It’s a changed world now
the smiles are ousted by tears and
the little fights by silences
we would still yearn to hold hands, kiss, make love
but something would keep us rear

and from distances now we admire
and remember the happy times we together led
for love we know has left abode
and sulking now would not help!


  1. that day among the rest,
    in soft distinction lies,
    when a lover, a companion
    is to be found or die.