Thursday, 30 June, 2011

It Was All About Thee!

I was walking with the belief
You were walking just beside
But little did I know
Quietly you had abandoned and withdrew
While I was just standing there
Where you said you will be back
Just a moment ago

It was a thing of yesterday
When life lay in your arms
you held me tight
To never let go
And today unconcerned as you are
And cared least to tell that
You wanted to leave our abode

But wherever you go
Your eyes will look for me
Every time when you lay alone
And tussle with your sleepless pillow
All you will see
Is a picture of us together
That you didn’t care to keep

I knew it wasn’t working
And so I let you go
But what if you had tried
And what if we had stayed
These rocky roads would be gardens
Where together we would lay
The seeds of our love
Of a bond that will stay

But in some corner of my heart
This belief remains
We would wash clothes together
Would make the coffee again
For the roads you take
Come back to me
To my heart
Even if not together
We are still not apart
I know when I think of you
Those hiccups would remind
Of the love of the times
That together we led
Though not along
The faith still nests
Of my hand in yours
Of a dream that rests
On the lashes of my eyes
And I don’t let it blink
With a fear to let it break
For that is all with me

Even if this dream
Pierces through my eyes
And my breath wavers like a snake
I would still with all my will dare
To dream of undoing this smoke storm
Of darkness that pervades
For even if it doesn’t take me to you
I will make peace with the deal
That if not the destination
The journey was all about thee..


  1. When life lay in your arms
    you held me tight
    To never let go

    kitna repeat karti ho ye :P

    i guess someone likes to be hugged like a lot!

  2. Haha! I never realized! Well yes, hugs are sweet and very confining! :)