Thursday, 30 June, 2011

Completing the Incomplete Us..

In the rooms of heart
I open bottles of fragrances
only to find them nil
the lights left me
in the bosom of dark
in the middle

there is this prick in the air
there is this salinity in water
every morning turned into a cruel night
gods possibly are enjoying my plight
they don't seem to love me anymore
for my prayers are going unheard
for they must be least perturbed

as i reminiscent
i gather what must have kept him
from calling my name
for he is a lake
with waves of silences
so whom do i blame?!

do i blame the scene
that led us here
or do i blame myself
for i just wanted times to be better
but never walk out of our sphere

i thought i would take the clouds
in my hand
and squeeze them
but they stormed over me
telling me
nowhere did i stand
i thought i would leave naughty noises
in the silences of the night
but the lull before the storm
was all that was left to my plight

and i am still searching
for the shells of love on the shore
the shore where once we walked
we kissed
and we took the vows
vows of never ending love
vows of life together
only to see them shattered into pieces
that i would gather
to keep alive the memories
and live somehow
to try and change what i did
and to mend the things, for now
i know that only in you can fizzle
the nomadic spilling river of my love
of my life
and of silences that can be read by you alone
and none other

this unseen and unspoken tale
of our love shall soon be read and loved
it will bring back happiness and life
completing the incomplete us..!!


  1. for the shells of love on the shore.
    lovely lines. all of them. this however caught me.

    so i was wrong. your writing isnt morose. its just passionate. very very passionate. and i doubt u cud ever be a killer. even if for the sake of fiction. u r too forgiving :)

    the nomadic spilling river of my love
    the awwing waala line :P

    and of silences that can be read by you alone.

    baah. u r good. like real gud.

  2. Thanks a lot Raj! you have been so finely going through it and i so love the detailing that you deliver by the way of your comments :)

  3. actually, i love the details within the words. the ways those crude lines twist into forms of expression so subtle yet monstrous. its interesting what may lie in front of u and u might never be able to weigh the magnitude of its intricacy. :)

    so thanku?

  4. Too kind! I would take that though :)