Thursday, 30 June, 2011

A Love Tale!

She couldn’t see
She always had
A hand to hold on to
When darkness would dwell

Her day would start with him
The afternoons and evenings would follow the rhythm
The nights then consumed in his dreams

She held his hand when friends left path
And sought his shoulder
When gloom would befall
But when it came to love
She couldn’t see
What his eyes beheld
And his touch would mean

She went afar not realising he was the one
Who had always wanted to color his life
With the hues of their love
And to give her all he had
He would keep the hope alive
Not scared that these dreams might get shattered
Like a piece of glass
And would only hurt his feet
When alone in the nights he would walk
Feeling tormented and torn apart

He would still be around
Would be her bolster
Not caring about the hurricane
That might extinguish
The flame of his hope
His geared spirits

Only after having struggled around
In the quest of love when she settled at last
A figure appeared standing forth
It was him still waiting for her, to cast
The magic of his love that he always beheld
The spirit of faith he had held so far

She could read those eyes now
Only begging for her love
She could sense that touch now
Yearning to ignite the flame of their love
She could see how he had descended
Slowly and graciously
On the wings of love
That yearned to carry her
To a world that belonged to their love
With a tear in her eye
She hugged him tight
With warm caresses
She apologised
For having overlooked
What has always been by her side

They promised each other of togetherness
Even if the seasons changed style
Or if a new tune life would ignite
Rivers may change course
And rain shall forget her notes
But to remain in each other’s embrace
Was all they sought from life

Today they remain holding hands
Feeling content and fortunate
For life has bestowed their paths
With pearls of love and solace

And this should be the trajectory
Of all love tales
Only if we realize the love that awaits
And let it in our lives
With arms widespread
And hatred shall be a thing of past
Only happiness would dwell!


  1. you, are such an incurable romantic. loved it :)
    for what reason, we will probably dwell on some other day.

  2. I am in tune with the sentiment, Romance is in my blood! and alright, I shall wait to hear that from you :)

  3. naah. its only in the mind. but the mind, is our savior and our killer. what it believes, we have to :)