Friday, 25 November, 2011

As I say Goodbye.

As I say goodbye to the hand that held
The falling me, the lost myself
As I say goodbye to eyes that promised
Of love, of friendship, of feelings unmatched

As I say goodbye to the kiss unlived
No matter how much I suppressed the yearning self

As I say goodbye to the laugh that echoes
In the ballroom of my heart, where a certain feelings danced

As I say goodbye to the promises unspoken,
As I say goodbye to the affinity down trodden
As I say goodbye to the arms unwrapped,
As I say goodbye to something I never had

My heart sinks
I stand with a batted breath
To witness the impending
To watch you walk ahead
And how I still will never regret
For something unparalleled we sure shared
Something premium not molested and raped
With the flood of expectations
But fostered with a clasp of love innate

These few days will remain etched in my head
When you only gave, expecting nothing
Your memories will span distances and times
As I will pull of a smile to the world and amidst
My heart will never cease to sink.


  1. Priyankaaaaaaa! This is beautiful! What an amazing thing to wake up to. :) You made my day shine a little extra brighter! :) LOVE! <3

  2. Ditto Greeshma.
    This made such a connection.
    You.freaking.magician. :*

  3. Its amazing as always...

    Your words touch thousand hearts.

  4. Greeshma, Aayushi, Juhi : Thanks a lot girlies! Mwah mwah! You guys never cease to encouragement me and believe me that is what keeps me going! Be there you guys, mmmwahh! Lots of love :)

  5. Priyanka: Love love love! :*
    Aayushi:I know right? She's awesome! :)

  6. WoW! This is the most beautiful piece of writing I've read from you, Priyanka! Absolutely LOVED every line! :)

    P.S. ~ Great images too!

  7. //As I say goodbye to the laugh that echoes
    In the ballroom of my heart, where a certain feelings danced
    U re one brilliant poet.Brilliant.Each of ur poems.Simple language.Clear flow of thoughts.Little ambiguity.Terrifically meaningful.You should seriously think about getting your stuff published.I don't come across awesome poetesses like you everywhere....

  8. Written Beautifully But another That Sad sad Thing all Over again?
    Let Me Meet up, Somebody's Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad.

    P.S. you Better Have started Editing that thing and Submitted it yet. And Talk To me soon.

  9. Lady Fiona: Thanks so much! I am glad you liked it, I really spent my heart and head religiously on this one! :) :)

    Rahul: This comment has encouraged me and brought a smile, ever so wide :) :) Thanks so much re! I just hope I am someday able to materialize what you just said :)

    Favourite boy: This wasn't really sad but unlived, darling! :) And bas, exams just got over, and about that, we will talk over the call :)

  10. m spellbound by ur flabergasting lines ... I fail to undrstand how difficult might b fr u 2 undergo random emotions , while writing such a lovely poem .. supplementin pics wer equally good ... way to go !!

  11. Get all your poems published! Each one of 'em is freakin' awesome!

  12. how on earth do you write something amazing, all the time?? :o and leave us all no choice but to deeply adore?:)

  13. Rimesh: Thanks so much! And yes, i am very often taken over by the characters or the themes but i am nonetheless overwhelmed :)

    Kritika: That's so sweet of you! How i wish I could :)

    Brinda: *Wide Smile* I am glad i am able to deliver something worth adoration :) :) Thank you so much!!

  14. I've been away for a while and I see I was missing something! This poem is so beautiful.
    How many times have I told you, you are absolutely awesome.
    Loved, loved, Loved the poem.
    Loads of love! :*

  15. Thanks darling! Mwah mwah mwah :D

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