Wednesday, 16 November, 2011


Today as I sat and told her
Don’t cry honey that is how things move
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, to tell him
Love is all you need
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, you got to understand
Don’t let love go
She wept and wept and wept
I told her, he loves you
He isn’t possessive but watchful
She wept and wept and wept

She said, what do you know about love
You failed in your own quest
I looked at her as eyes brimmed
She picked up her bag and left

Gravity didn’t retire to idleness
Tears she pulled with all duress
As I wept and wept and wept.


  1. Aww :(
    She'll find someone who won't give her tears, at all.
    This was poignant.
    The last three lines- <3

  2. Priyanka this is so eloquent! It was so quick and it did what it had to. It connects very well. :)

  3. You know I am your fan. You know, you know, you know. Don't you!?
    As Cяystal said, Poignant!
    Your poems touch the heart in a very strange way. Love what you write! :*

  4. Also, the new DP is, well, umm.. okay! if I were guy I would've proposed you. You're a beautiful person, in and out!

  5. Crystal : She must :) *hugs*
    Thanks love!

    Niharika : Thanks a lot dear! :)

    Greeshma : Thanks honey! :)

    Anuranjani : I couldn't have smiled any wider :D Thanks a lot re! Love you, Mmwah mwah!

  6. there was something about this. always is. somethings that rings in your ears long after you have read it.
    i am honestly considering anuranjani's advice :P

  7. Raj: Thanks a lot re! And aha, someone is trying to get cheesy in here :P :)

  8. naah not trying really. its just something that happens to me around women i admire :P

    now what i cant decide is how good or bad it is. :/