Sunday, 23 October, 2011

The right time is NOW!

It was five in the morning today, I had not slept. I watched Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and then later I was going through the facebook profiles of all those people I had met lately, I had lost lately, I had loved lately and I hated since ever.
One common and static fact pertaining to everybody remained, that they had all changed. I am nobody to judge whether for good or bad, but they had. I shed a few tears looking at certain pictures and I laughed over certain crazy ones, memories have their due in everyone’s life.
I opened my chat box and saw, only a few people were online. Four. Out of which, there was a friend, who chose to ignore me. I had never known the reason, or I guess I did. We never talked about it, but we would always stalk each other’s profile so that we knew what was going on. Although I knew it in my heart he won’t reply, I still dropped in a ‘hi’. And to my surprise, he replied.

Him: Hey, how are you mitthi?
Yes, he would call me that!

Me: I am good taptop, how have you been?
And yes, I called him that

We talked for an hour and we told each other how much we missed our long chats, our night calling. He had shifted to Mumbai and things have been on a changing spree since then.
After I talked to him I realized, that maybe life isn’t all that sad. I had never thought he would ever reply, but I didn’t give up on trying, and we did talk. My neck pained like crazy for I have been suffering from cervical pain, but I didn’t want to let go off him. I wanted to relive all those memories of our doughnuts, of our KFC meets, of our Barista coffees, of our first hug and of our unspoken words and silences.

Him: Mitthi, of all the times I write and erase a text before I send it to you, I just fail sending it all together as there is so much to say and a message can never be enough.

Me: You don’t have to say anything; I can comprehend with your silences.

All I want to say is, if there are people in your life you just want to never let go off and distances have crept in, feel no hesitation and try. It doesn’t matter who does, because at the end of the day, you are saving a relation worthwhile. Who knows what tomorrow has in store, you got to seize the day my friend! Don’t ponder over what’s the right time, for the right time in now!

P.S. This one is for you Taptop! J


  1. thats possible, as long as its just friendship. its when ther persons choice to love changes, when nothing can be salvaged. a very sweet post. reminded me of someone. and i am not stupid enough to judge if its good or bad. but yes its mostly bad :)

  2. Its about the perspective, if you ask me :) and yes, mitthi, i so love being addressed by that one by him. he is one of my dearest friend!

  3. and yet you guys were ignoring each other? i smell a story here. am i at liberty to ask? :)

    and that mithi thing is really sweet :) honest.

  4. Take good care of your necj,Priyanka!!!Please do religiously all the exercises the doc told u about!:-) And yep,this was a lovely post...

  5. This is such a feel good, true story! In the beginning of it I was drawn to your descriptions of the people on Facebook because I felt the same way when I used to be there ~ so many people had changed, etc.

    As I read further the beauty of the story and the relationship you speak of made me smile big :-) The nicknames are so cute and I can't help but salivate over that doughnut picture!! :D

    I believe that true friendships don't count the span of time in between encounters because if it's real, you can always pick up where you last left off. However, I do agree about not putting of until tomorrow, what you can do today. Seize the moment, indeed!

    Lovely post, Priyanka! I hope your neck situation improves soon :)

  6. Barista. I got the same connection with CCD.
    And this was c.u.t.e :D

  7. Raj: no story re, just that as he shifted the geographical distance effected the mental distance but i am glad it couldnt bother the emotional distance and hence, things are good again :)

    Rahul: Yes, I will :) Thanks!

    Fiona: Thanks a lot honey! And I am in full line with your sentiments :)
    And as for the neck, I am striving to get it better :)

    Ayushi: I have CCD tales too :) Thanks re!

    Rajlakshmi: Thanks a lot! :)

  8. I got two As in the name baby! :D Not an issue, but anyway.

  9. Nice post. The company of old friends is always comforting!!

  10. Aw. I did that a while back. Realizing how much everyone has changed. But then I looked at those few who haven't changed much and they became even more special for me. :-)

  11. Sizing out the better things that deliver bliss even when everything else assures of doom and striving for happiness, that is what keeps us going :)

  12. ek sexy waala diwali post is in order. bring it!!

  13. Will start working on something on these lines!

  14. my sis nickname's mithi and my czn's name is mitho ... Rofl I love making fun of both of them :P

    @"if there are people in your life you just want to never let go off and distances have crept in, feel no hesitation and try" I totally agree with you :)

  15. Haha! They are sweet names though! :)

  16. Today I caught myself smiling for no reason at all... then I realized I was thinking about you...
    Sounds Cheezy?
    ....Sounds Archaic? Another Stupid pick-up line
    Well yes its me then, d same...
    Starting with what Vyankatesh said.. yes..u r rite brother, The company of old friend(s) is always comforting!!
    More then comfort, this particular friend of mine brings Joy to my life... She is like an ecstacy to me... N may be dts y i resist her.. :D
    @ Raj, brother, yes indeed this post was very sweet... n may be dts y i refer this teddy as mithi..the sweetness of my life, the lady of my good times! N raj, there is nothing bad in our relation or in any relation, its all perceptions,pre-conceived notions, detriment which spoils a relation!
    And in this relation, it was not Mithi who was ignoring me, but it was me who did that everytime...I love throwing tantrums at people who care for me...Im bad...n she knw that very well...
    But yeah I was certainly annoyed with her...may be bcoz of my reasons, bt nw i think, they are unjustifiable.. so i dnt want to evn think about them!
    N yes Blossom is right, there is No Story, bcoz every Story comes to an end, but My tantrums & her goodness will never n hence there will be no story!

    @ Lady Fiona.. hey ms. U look gud :D, For u I would just say, people dont change Just on facebook, people change anyways, but yes on facebook, you ae not restricted to only One or to some; In school, yes we were, in college, yes we were... But FB is like an UNIVERSE.. the Circle keeps on expanding & at times u forget or tend to ignore d people who made it first in ur life....but whilst I say this Fiona.. i will contradict my stated statement..coz somewhere I believe "It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old." This is one old saying, which truly draw out my feelings for my relation with My awesum Blossom!

    But hey, I didnt meet this girl on FB, but yeah, to some extent I discovered here there! She is not my old friend, in fact she can never be.. everytym i see her, stalk her, i get the same chillz, which i felt the very 1st time when I met her...My relationship with her doesnt need any correspondence. I am sure whenever we will meet again, our friendship will be as true as ever...

    N last but not the least, as i always told u teddy, the feelings are in abundance but words are few...
    “Just want to say that you hold the distinction in my life of being the hardest-working friend I’ve ever had, the one who refuses to let a friendship fail just because the distance grows and the memories fade...

    P.S. im not gonna change nor will my tantrums, so better u dnt change too... MIND IT! n I alwayz love u Mithiii..
    N here I want to end this beautiful note asking the same question to myself.. like alwayz.. is it Me, who is so bad, or is it U who is alwayz so AWESUM to me...

  17. I thank you for this post. :)
    In your case, you got lucky :D because I never got a reply :P
    P.S.- this new look adds more ring to the blog.

  18. Hmmm...nicely written. I have rarely done that in life though...reaching out to lost friends. But I am glad you did because you are certainly happier now :)

  19. Taptop : I have lost the count of the times i have read your comment :) Certainly, I am awesome :P but then, you aren't bad, you never were and nor will i ever let you be :D
    Love you more!

  20. Himanshu: Most welcome, and i would just say, keep trying :) For love will find its way :) :)
    And thanks re!

    Siddhartha: I am elated! Diwali couldn't have been better :)

  21. hey nice one as always....a happy one though(rare) :) i told u na,i write as well....i have written...nothing when compared to your high standards....but ya an honest attempt.checkout my blog *feedback anticipated* :D

  22. Thanks Shivam! And yes read, feedback delivered :)

  23. Fifty followers! YAYY! *super tight golden-jubilee hug*
    And oh, I sent you a message on Facebook. :]

  24. *hugs back* Yayyyee!! and i can never thank you enough! And here i go to check it :D

  25. Awww... this is dripping with sweetness.. No wonder, he calls you Mitthi..<3
    Bless Bless.