Thursday, 13 October, 2011

And she died

It lies there in front of my eyes
It says the truth they say
Liar, i call them all
It was not the truth when he died
They said it was a suicide
The assassins killed him
He was not wealthy
She was a queen
She died too
Liars spoke again
She was love deprived
Though died of of being infidel
She couldn't take the onus of the guilt
They made her dance in the court
She did silently
She belched the whiskey loud
They said, long live the queen
And she died.


  1. Hope they meet each other in the after-life and live happily ever after....:-(

  2. I'd really love to hear this story, whatever drove you to write this one. It's dark. It screams. It's brilliant.

  3. You know, that was one evening i was sunken. and i did not know what i was doing and i was just writing with nothing on mind. I was just writing, .. and a few short ones were the result .. :)
    Thanks sweety! :)