Thursday, 13 October, 2011

I cannot see

And i left
Now i don't want to
But now the doors are closed
And so i sit outside

Inside its all dark
I cannot see anymore
They have tied my legs too
So i cannot leave
And there someone thinks
I am making merry.


  1. Girrrrl, stop posting itna saara stuff together. :O
    And, similar thoughts again. That feeling of being all tired, captivated .. but the truth shall set you free. Okay, whatever, i was being stupid. :P Very few people can express well with few words.

  2. And your display picture is so cute. It makes me ":D"

  3. I as it is envy people who can write poetry and then so well.. It makes me go all grrrrr...!! :|
    And well, you're one very awesome poet!

    And, I agree with Crystal... Your display picture is very cute! :D

  4. And you are the sweetest! :) :)
    much love!

  5. Yup.I'm with Anu here.Stuff like this is what they call neighbor's envy,owner's pride!!

  6. You, you, YOU! You're the sweetest! :*