Thursday, 13 October, 2011

The song ended

I played a song
Heartbreak again?
Too numb to realize
Was he the one?
Thinking is futile
I played a song
And i looked at the window pane
Rains? oh no
Too typical
What do you have to say about love?
Oh not love again
I played a song
The clouds above
No point trying

It will end there
I took the earphones off

And then, it ended
The song.


  1. Heartbreaks, rains, music.

  2. Poem's awesome...can't see the connection with the pic tho...:-P

  3. Thanks Rahul! The picture states her depravity and her bareness and the end of the song is the metaphor for the same. :)

  4. Ting Tong...
    You are Awesome! :)

    BTW, serious dark stuff in here. Wonder what state of mind you were in when you wrote 'em.

  5. Thanks Baby! And the same set of feelings, i was certainly too upset to mention.. :)