Sunday, 5 January, 2014


When the clouds of grief pull an evil dance
And the dry leaves rustle over the ground
Hang in there, sweet child of mine
You’re being tested of your perseverance

You will look for love in things lifeless
You will scratch your knees as you drag yourself
Chasing everything you ever beheld
With eyes drowned in spirits you will see
Images of everything burnt down to ashes
Those embers rise and vanish into the humdrum
Terminating all that ever prevailed
There is no testimony to them you can attach
You will cry until there is nothing wet left
Shout until your voice box ruptures
You’d be a stone

Panting you will reach a dead dark end
Looking around for something you can withstand
Look above, sweet child of mine
You will see them shine bright
In the darkest of nights
Seeing the one that falls
Make a wish, close your eyes
This is when you let go off all your pains
Hold your face in your palms
Love again.