Thursday, 6 March, 2014


At the cusp of her lash
Lies the tear from the other night
When she downed another glass
And embraced all that was vice
In solitude she sat, cross-legged
Before the mirror, in her bareness
Looked into it and smiled
Looked into it and cried
Held her face in her palms and sighed
Then rolled along the floor and howled
Those freckled walls and the insolent dresser
Remained there unperturbed
The empty couch and the dirty sheets
Stared into her helplessness unstirred

And then you walk in
Closing the door behind
Pulsed with desires you walk towards the bed
She lays there silent with her legs spread
Done with your business
You walk away with no words exchanged
All you leave her with,
Is some white trash

Each day, you burn down
The rims of her only bridge to life
With each glass of whiskey
She has gulped down her pride

Another night passes by
With one of you again
Her numb insides, sore
Her bruised soul lingers
Somewhere in the dark corners
Of her carcass, the little that has remained
And she embraces all your vice
Closing her eyes
Remaining mute in the pain

1 comment:

  1. : The words she wrote couldn't even come closer to the silence she kept within :