Sunday, 24 July, 2011

Though i was ready, still the tears fall for you.

I had sailed onto the voyage
Only to see the boat drown
Kept crawling with broken pieces in hands
Pieces of a glass palace that I had built
Thinking of inhabiting with love in there
I was making castles in the air
And someday it had to fall down

I see it failing and it hurts bad
I see the love falling out that we beheld
I see things going wrong and I cannot help
So I wait for the destiny to untie these ends
I cannot take this onus on my head

I saw them holding hands
I saw them feeling bliss
Then I looked into the mirror
And saw how I missed
To be held the way he held her
To be looked at the way he did
To say nothing and still feel it all
To blush away like she did

We had lost it all
What remained were tears and i mourn
I struggled hard to make it fine
But the smiles were replaced by a frown

None to fall back upon
For you were the world
I keep treading this path alone
Bearing the pangs of sorrow
Hoping against the dying hope
Watching the flame of love die out
While the mist of differences make things blurred

You departed while I arrived,
To hold your hand and beg you to stay
All I found was a goodbye note
Your words that said “this won’t work this way”

I crashed into the floor
With eyes that bled
Clutching to the note tight
I cried for help
You were strong enough to tell
Of what I had long beheld
But a hope made me going
That someday we might just reconcile
Till we not altercate of things going sad

But you broke the ice today
You moved forth to things new
And I am left looking into the thin air
With tears that keep falling, calling for you.


  1. I would want to know the inspiration of this classic writer!

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