Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

I am still lost.

I am still lost into that world
That world where you left me dejected
When you once saw life in me
That world where sometime ago
We would lay together and kiss

I closed my eyes and saw you right
Right in front of me smiling
You came near and called out my name
I stretched my hand but all in vain
For it was nothing more than a dream

You were so near, yet so far
For a moment it was almost as if
As if I could get you back in my arms
As if nothing went wrong

All by myself
I walked away in seclusion
A tear rolled down my cheek
And I realized it is now but a delusion

These tears hold my pain
Pain of those steps that walked away
Pain of that touch that no more remains
Pain of that name that held my life
Pain of that smile which has now staled

I sighed and cried
Reminiscing those days of spring
When I saw two lovers passing by
To each other they would cling

They sat beside me
Lost in their world
Least oblivious of my presence
Hands held tight
They smiled and remained
How there love seemed to crescent

She laid her head on his shoulder
He kissed her on the brow
They talked of marriage, kids and them getting older
Seemed everything to them god had endowed

How then I wanted to run away
Wanted the earth to tear apart
How I wanted to cry my heart out
For they had awakened the memories of our past

That is how my days go by
And I am more dreaded for the nights
When the sleepless pillow
The broken photo frame
The dumped teddy
That wall which had our name
All stand together and ask me why
Why when I held your love in my every breathe
All I was left to with was to cry

And I lay alone here
Clutching on to my pillow tight
How I wish this night to end
How with time I tussle and fight

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