Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

I end up falling for you!

i won't stay here or would keep there
might pause for a while
but won't remain
for i have no place to call home
and no place that's mine
so i carry the stalk and take my flight

from a tree so full
the wind got me along
i was like a dry leaf
and it blew me all around
away i escaped on to a way
where the harbor i couldn't locate
so kept my feet in the air again
to feel the bliss and do away with pain

sought for a place where no one lived
where there were no ways, no harbor
where i would just sit by myself and someone
who'll undo my ado and shake off the pain

and then i met you and felt life
and then i met me
it was all silent and quite
but still seemed i had comprehended with thee
and i could now remain, could sit there for long
holding hands saying nothing and not feel forlorn

come here and look into my eyes
they'll tell you the stories of my heart

it skips a beat each time you smile
it wanders in your thoughts
the restlessness that crops
the anxiety that i feel
to see you again, each time you leave
i try distraction and different things i pursue
but no matter what i do

i end up falling for you.. 

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