Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

I miss the 'US' more!

there is no one ears
when i shout for no reason
there is no one hands when i cross the road
there is no one to understand
why i blabber like fools
there is no one to say its all right
when i go overboard

there is none i can take for granted
and not revert back
there is none i can ask for things
knowing i will get
there is none i know will care
more than anyone could ever have
there is none i can say will be there
when the times will be sad

there is no shoulder i can cry at
even without a reason
there is no hand that will
wipe these tears off
there is none to whom
i am the most important person
there is none i can share my mind
and feel secure

and so i miss those tables
where we decided of our kitchen counters
and those lamps we though we would keep
those talks of terrace gardens
those false ceilings at CCD
those memorandums of you cooking meals
for all i know is, just to make a maggie

your yes-es to my every erratic bid
your laughter at my saddest joke
your tear when you saw me crying
your eyes which carried all your love
your hies, your byes
your kiss, your hug
that LOVE YOU message
when i went rear
those eyes that led me off
all my fears
those eyes which were always fixed @ my sight
unless my metro left the platform
those eyes whose silences spoke of
our love and our bond

i miss the mustard sauce
i miss the belgian chocolate
i miss the you, i miss the i
i miss the us more
i miss how after every fight we had
you held my hand and never led me go

so why now when i went afar
all you did was to look at me leaving
why didn't you pull me back
to tell me how big a jerk i was
to break the dreams we were weaving
why didn't you just hug me
and never let me go
weren't you the smarter one
and me an asshole?!

i miss the you, i miss the i
i miss the us more..

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