Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

I cannot move on.

no i cannot move on
it ain't any easy
as i thought it would be
no i can't escape the essence of your love
that made me feel
i was the one and only

no i cannot move on
from the sight of those eyes
that had tears just to make me stay
and from that smiled that went off
coz i left him in dismay

no i cannot move on
and forgive myself of things that went wrong
and of the choices that proved futile
of promises that i thought to be strong

no i cannot move on when i see that letter
that said i was the world to you
and when i see that tee
that had the picture of us two
that chime each time when sways
with the wind
reminds me of all your prayers
which asked for nothing but me
that watch that tells me
whenever i look for time
that all that was good in it
had left my abode way back when i left
those sandals you got
when you gave up on your shoes
just to see me smile
you didn't care to pay your dues

how do i move on
when each time i think of someone
its just your face that hounds me
when each time i try to love
its just you who define the word for me
when i find it better to die
while crossing the road
than to hold someone else's hand
and when every breath i take
tells me, he was your only man!

no i cannot move on..