Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

Love found.

There was this scent in the air
and u seemed around
a rain drop touched my lips
before it could reach for the ground
it seemed a distant kiss
the kiss we share
the wind played with my hair
the way your fingers take them rear

i danced, i sang, i felt love
i cried aloud to the world
about the life i procured in you
about the love that seemed true

i fogged up the glass
and smiled
wrote your name and kissed
i waited for the dusk to reach out to the dawn
waited for the sun to shine

i would dress in my best
to get his eye on me
and he said baby
'i wouldn't even eye an Angelina Jolie' for your're the prettiest girl i've ever seen

i blushed away with a smile
he pulled me near and kissed
how i wished time to stand still
or to stay a little while before he would leave

i bid him goodbye, left that hand in dismay
saw his face that could put any Brad Pitt to shame
smiled and left i got into the crowd
turned around to see a last glimpse of his
it couldn't have felt any better
when i saw those eyes
still stuck on the sight of me

smiled to myself
i prayed for the love i found
to remain in my life
till i see the dusk and dawn!

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