Friday, 22 July, 2011

I wondered, now I believe.

When I looked back today
I saw it the same
Same like I see it everyday
When tried to locate
A tensed brow on your face
All I see is a shudder and then you walk away
I wonder then should i hold on
To these lose ends
I wonder should I still wait
For things to mend
I wonder if you will ever ask me
“baby, lets get back”
And I wonder even more
For I can do nothing else
And its been quite a while now
Since you left it like this
Since you never looked back
Since you never held me
Since you never called to just say I love you
And kept the phone down
Since you never just kissed my cheek
Since you never were any around

Today when I feel stranded
I have not you but someone else
And I wonder if you will ever be
But then I wonder if wondering now will help
So I believe, I should move on like thee.


  1. Now this is really good.....excellent in fact :)

  2. Thanks! and i am happy that it comes from you! like really :D

  3. There are times when she feels he has deep dived into her soul. Rest of the times, she wonders if he has even seen her...