Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

Your memories haunt.

And i looked into thin air
with nothing on mind
and a face suddenly drew
seemed familiar was you

Had i known little
this is a mere dream
i would never wake up

Had i known little
these senses would remind me of the truth
of you not being here
i would have rejected them
but i am stuck

Still stuck on to the place
where i left everything and moved on
still sitting below that tree
where our love blossomed

Still stuck on to that coffee
which was enough to keep along
still stuck on to your shirts
still stuck on to the love withdrawn

Those pens those games those bills those chairs
the case of my specs
the bag i wear
the bangles the clothes and even the smile i put on
the places i go to
you seem all around
i try to turn my face off
i try to not let your thoughts make a mount
but there is no place that doesn't remind of you
and that is how your memories haunt..


  1. poem se yaad aaya.. pls return my shirts.. pls... aeropostle ki hoodie..

  2. hahaha! you are such a jerk :P :P