Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

Accept it or make the change!

and there are times when we see nothing
when it is all suggestive of a blur
and all fragrances stink
and we wonder where we were

when everything around is vicious
and folks seem distant
when the only confinement you get from
is by holding on to your very hand

we wonder what lead us here
cry for a better life
and when nothing seems to work its way
acceptance is what we deny

what i believe of life is
it has to be lived any way
for giving up is a thing for cowards
the braves wait for the benefactor ray

the ray of hope we all call it to be
that shines brighter than Cleopatra's face
and gets with it the showers of bliss
washing away the messy maze

what remains important when the day ends
is the zeal to make it happen
even if didn't work for you today
tomorrow you might just be the captain

so smile away the tears
and kiss away the pains
'cause life can either be accepted
else it can be changed

make your pick  ;)

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