Saturday, 10 March, 2012

I quit.

As I stare at the bulb hanging loose
And the ceiling that leaks, chipping off
A world inside me tussles
That you will never come across
For the face that I put on, the smile I wear
Makes you believe I am what you want
I am right there
But I am not.

Behind these eyes, I hide
Behind this smile, I cry
Behind these words, I shriek
To find a me I left behind
On a trip down, someday
Where I waited for you to come
To say, it’s ok.
That’s what you have done to me
Blinded me to the lighted way
That’s what I have become
Another body, waiting for decay.

So when I die, love me
For I gave up everything
In lieu of being someone
You wanted me to be
And now when I count till three
These breaths will cease
The fan at the ceiling
Will put me at ease.

The ceiling will not cease to chip
And you will forget me someday
The bulb will keep hanging loose
And a torn me between two lives,
One that you designed for me,
One that I did
Death will shun away.
So I no more beg of you to understand
No hope at my end is lit
Because today I am tired,
So today, I quit.


  1. oh my GOD! that is some serious poetry you've got there love! it defines helplessness so intensely!
    you're one amazing poetess i tell you! :* <3 *loads of love* :)

  2. Hey....I hope this is just a poem..and nothing more..Brilliant poem though....Take care....Byee

  3. Priyankaaaaa, this one is really dark. When it comes to Dark poetry writing, you're unbeatable. There is absolutely no one that can touch you, in this genre!
    Love much *hugs*

  4. I have read it countless times since yesterdays and here I am still wondering how to say something that will do some justice to what I feel after reading this one. I am amazed how you capture the beauty of a shattered heart, the ripples in a tearing self and the whirlpool in tears before they reach eyes. There is this thing about you. Whenever you write, you write it in a way that it can never be bettered. Only tagged AMAZINGLY AWESOME and kept safe forever. I am just a fan in a list of millions but all I gotta say is that never Quit this side of you. Never let it even rest. With every new piece I read, I grow more in love with your style of writing, the deserted corners you touch upon, the emotions you bring alive. I love you. A LOT. :*

  5. You are just an artist weaving words with the hardest of emotions. Great work !!

  6. @Brinda, Tannu and Greeshma : Thank you, you guys! mmwah :)

    @Rahul: I am good re, nothing more than a poem, dont worry :)
    and thank you :D

    @Neha:I just have to say, I love you! *hugs*.. :)

  7. " Behind these smiles, I cry. " Is putting on a facade a touche or what? BUT how much justice do you do to it? :O
    And and, I love the contrast sketched by the first and last paragraph. The bulb, the leaking ceiling .
    You are beautiful. :D

  8. remember jiah khan? this might just have done justice to her. you though, i watch amazed. no words can do justice to you, nor your creations. maybe a bow, maybe if one was to raise the hat. but no, that still wouldn't be enough. :)