Thursday, 22 March, 2012

To the dreaded dawn, the whining mirror and the nasty wind

An ashen face and trembling fingers
I held my bottle and gulped it down
With the mirror shouting, you are dying
I whispered in its ears, “I know”
As I dragged my feet towards the window
A gush of air pushed me away
The struggle between the two of us
The wind and I, consummated with the beginning of the day

I pranced through the meadows
In sunshine yellow and strawberry pink
A floral scarf, that went down till my knees
I kissed the air, to the sun I winked
Friends and folks beamed at my smile
I reassured them I was doing fine
I danced through the day and celebrated the feast
With my world, through the day I drank and dined
The day took off, the evening was here
The coats were put, feet marched towards their caves
I stood at the road with my eyes glued to the way
One for my home, one to a place far away
And again I gave up that thought
For the house, I left astray

As I shed off the cloak of the gaiety I wore
The mirror again shouted you’re living as the world’s whore
You smile because they want you to, dance to their song
I shouted “He stole my breathe and left me to a life forlorn,
Let me smile at the world and hide the tear they mistake for a glint in my eye
Let me dance to their tune
For the rhythm of my life has turned wry"

I and mirror quibbled through the night
The wind kept at bay, watching the brawl
I talked through the night, as it heard me whine
I drunk all my pain once again till those wee hours

Then afraid of the inevitable I peeped through the pane
As another day had commenced again.


  1. This made me go all dizzy for a while. Such is the impact of your poetry Priyanka. It's so visual and poignant!
    All my love! :*

  2. I love the rhyme. I love the choice of words and I love the theme. Need I say how much I love the poetess you? Much more than I will ever say.. Mmuah..

  3. your writing is just stupendous....

  4. Its amazing how people can accept death as it comes, sometimes even be the cause of of it and in contrast , sometimes even work so hard to live through it.
    I love love the part about the robes. Its .. I don't know , way deeper than anybody'd perceive it to be. How often do we condescend to robes of gaiety just to appear happier on the surface ? Strange.
    Anyway, I need to stop babbling. This was gorgeous. :*

  5. Greeshma, Neha & Juhi : You girls, Thank you so much :* :)

    Aayushi: and even strange is the fact, that we hardly ever want to.. even after this we want someone to see through us and ..
    Well ..Thank you honey :*

  6. Her well of tears has dried up. Her ocean of longings hasn't...