Friday, 16 December, 2011

Suicide Note by the Princess

Read the last blog post to understand this one better! :)

"While I keep asking my self
Of why I let go
Of the love that was knocking
Right outside my door

It isn’t a fairy tale
He though nearing a prince charming
Life well we know is a bitch
And I gave in to its wicked schemes

Now that he is gone
Life did not cease to grow
And when I thought I had renounced love
The rain wrote his name on my window

Eyes flooded, lips quivered
Those long conversations appeared hanging in thin air
I shut my eyes to clog all ways
But his love shouted of promises
In my ears

I was scared of the blows that rained on me
When once I returned empty handed
From the threshold of love
And now that I have lost my way
Some far-away distances I must cover
In the quest of his love
To explore it within me
Something says I shouldn’t give up
That I should be a fighter
Look for the face that make the stars in the sky
To shine a little brighter

Even if I give up the quest to life
The heart I believe will continue
Reaching out to his ends in glee
While I die, set me ablaze
But keep safe these eyes of mine
That are turned towards him, expectantly."


  1. oh bhai. itna romantic to main bhi nahin :P

  2. Heart-wrenching, but beautifully written :'|

  3. cannot believe ... How can u knit words so well in real feelings... Great work !!

  4. Raj: Me= Hopeless Romantic :)

    Phatichar: Thanks a lot re :)

    Tannu: You never cease to appreciate and that too with all the generosity :) Thanks baby! :*

  5. Your writing is so moving. So well written :)
    I checked out two of your poems. And I loved both of them.
    Lovely :)

  6. Priyaaaaaanku! This makes me sad, ridiculously sad. :( Plus, There are so OMGGGG moments in this one **While I die, set me ablaze
    But keep safe these eyes of mine
    That are turned towards him, expectantly.
    But this one took the cake.
    It is poignant. beautiful. Too mesmerizing!
    How awesome do you get, baby? :*

  7. u are seriously blessed... :) :) fantastic piece of work :) love readin ur poems :D *kinda addicted to it now* =P

  8. I read this first thing in the morning! And, my! What a start it was to me. Such an amazingly put to together piece of absolutely wonderful writing! :*
    When I read the last one, I thought- " Okay this one is awesome! What is she going to do next?"!For there cannot to be a better one than this, there I stand wrong. You can write better than the best! *:* :*

  9. Philo: Thanks a lot :)

    Crystal: Thanks my little adorable one! And however awesome I may get it will still be a notch below your awesomeness :* *bear hug* :) :)

    Pawan: Thanks very kind of you! Thanks a lot :)

    Greeshma: You never cease to appreciate me with all the love and generosity making me grin like and blushing like a 16 year old :) :) Thanks darlingey :*

  10. Pleasure! :* :* Yes! Its all mine ;)