Wednesday, 14 December, 2011

Of a Guarded Heart.

A guarded princess lay in her castle
Protected she remained
From the storm of emotions
That might wither her, she thought
For love didn’t quite lay by her side
Left her abode once
So now she fought
Against every sentiment that even tried
To create a space in her heart

One fine winter noon
While she stood by the porch
A bangle seller came across
She descended down the castle
Heads turned
Her beauty was beyond any admiration

She posed her hand
The bangle seller looked
Stupefied by her charm
Arrested in love he stood
As he touched her hand
It nearly slipped
From the white glistening skin
As smooth as silk

She smiled at him
And ran back to the castle
His touch inflicted the chords
She had long sheltered

This became mundane
They would steal glances when he walked by
While every winter noon
At the porch, her hair she would dry

She stood before the mirror
Caressed her hair
Tears rolled down her eyes
For she was now scared
Of the brewing love
That she ignored
Of the passion that made its way
Through the walls of her heart
Through all the choked ways

She couldn’t have been in love again
Doesn’t it befall once?
With questions in her heart she tussled
Though every time she saw him,
Her heart never ceased to pounce

As she walked by the garden one night
He stood before her with all delight
She turned her back for she fumbled
She couldn’t hide the love
Apparent from her eyes

He asked for her hand
Announced his heart

She still couldn’t buy
She was in love
For they say, once smitten, twice shy
She ran away saying
“You must go, for I don’t want this from life”
He went ahead with his head down
Lamented for he couldn’t be her knight

She stood behind another wall
Walls all again
Looked down to see him walk away
With tsunamis tussling in her eyes
A silent tear made its way
She realized love it was
But was unsure whether she could cater anymore
To the sting of love
So she nudged it away

Another noon when the bangle seller came by
He didn’t look towards the porch
She still stood by the side
Stealing glances at the other woman
Who now was buying the bangles
She had denied
Envious she ran down and called him out
He left with the woman
SORRY alone he said in reply

Once love left her, now she let it go
Pangs of pain though were there to stay
A heavy heart is like a heavy cloud
Both when let lose, do better, they say

She would then remain at the porch
Even afraid of love
She had denied all the red in her life
But in no time red took the better of her
When out of resentment she let herself lose
In the wind, as she stood above the porch
And finally ousted her battle with love and life
The red blood still wasn’t as red
As her soft effervescent cheeks
And they announced, the princess died.


  1. Beeeeeeeeeautiful ^.^ *pure awesomeness* :) :)

  2. I mean wt were u thinking while writing...its really really awesome..great work..:)

  3. I can go on and on.. This is that kinda beautiful. You charm the reader babes..!

  4. letting myslf flow wid above lines was best part of my day .... u made my day ... thanks !!

  5. Once love left her, now she let it go
    Pangs of pain though were there to stay
    A heavy heart is like a heavy cloud
    Both when let lose, do better, they say

    do better :)

    Heads turned
    Her beauty was beyond any admiration
    it is it is

  6. Pawan Raju: Thanks a lot!

    Niharika: Nothing really, just assessed a troubled mind! Thanks a lot :)

    Neha: Thanks love :*

    Rimesh: Thats too kind of you :) Thanks!

    Raj: *smiles*

    Phatichar: Diaries of a troubled head and heart! :)

  7. Priyanka, "Magical"
    Every time you write, you bring with your writing a bundle of delight to your readers. It's painfully beautiful!
    This kinda did put this thing in to the head, not to let go off something that is dearly yours! So well said. I just could not stop reading this several times last night! Somehow sent tingles down the spine. Brilliance! <3 I love you!

  8. Greeshma: I love you more! Thanks so much baby for all the kind words and encouragement! Thanks a lot :) :)

  9. The entire piece is truly worth admiring.The lines chosen to depict her fall(death) effortlessly depicts the writer's repertoire :)

  10. Thanks a lot Shivam! That's very kind of you :)