Sunday, 15 January, 2012

Of a Con woman in love

Call me rogue, call me a wanderer
One look in my eyes and you shall suffer

I will steal your priced possession
And you will never know
Like sand I will slip from your clasp
While you catch me as I go

A secret sewing your lips
Of my fraudulence you won’t speak
 For you gave in to my tricks
While I left your thirst unquenched
And emptied your pocket leaving you drenched
I am a thief in disguise, a damsel faithless

Another cop, another day
Investigations rolled
Like the wave of dew I vanished
Seen and admired but none could hold

And then he came.

Outshining the sun he stood
An eye in my eye and I gazed
As he held my arm for the arrest
While my heart became the guest
Of the love that stood my way
I ran saving my life
For a rogue now had found
A reason to live a life
In the refuge of someone’s arms

Was I dreaming? A cop and a thief?

The intoxicating eyes couldn’t cheat him
The damsel lay astray in love
The faithless woman altered to Keats
After one sight of her knight armoured

For I wrote now letters
Immersed in fragrance of your love
To tell you the plight of my heart
I lay possessed by your love
And it sure might occur to you
That these are the pages of some tale
But today I will confront and speak my heart
This pounds for you all hours of the day

Love tricked the damsel as she went
To the cop, speaking of the story of her heart
She had nestled it within for long
Now was the time he heard it and laughed

He caught her by the hand, she smiled
Threw her behind bars, she smiled
Was awarded the medals of bravery
For he had caught the damsel who had beguiled
Men of honour who thought she was one at a price

The con woman lay abhorred
He never believed her words
She blamed herself and Karma
For now nothing favoured

After all the torture she endured
Inside the clink as he abused
Of her blemished character
As she kept breaking loose

She still smiled, for the series of his talks
Weaved the life she lived in love
And a day came when she decided to walk
Into the skies for now she thought
Another birth was what she needed
For this life she would never have
His love and his heart

She died. Her last words.

“Dear, you never believed
The condition of my spread heart
But your love twisted this damsel
The metamorphosis to a lover wasn’t hard
For your words, your sight
Your touch delivered to my soul
Of love wherein I lived a life I had never thought
As I leave the world today
I have no regrets, only rush
To be born again as someone
Who is worthy of your love
Goodbye dear, I am riding off from behind these bars
Though in the night, I will meet you among the stars.”


  1. You nailed it!!! Totally... U made it all go before my eyes. I am spellbound. Biographical account for me... And I say u not only did justice with this one but that too so beautifully that I don't have words today. I love you! :*

  2. *Happy dancing step* :D
    I am so glad I could live up to your fancy and believe me it was a great experience writing this one! Thanks for sowing the seed in my head, the much needed trigger :*

  3. :D always around, babe! I love the idea of it! :)

  4. so typical of you Priyanka! beautiful :)

  5. WoW! This is long and sensational, Priyanka!!! I enjoyed the rhymes too! Fabulous work :-) Nice to see you posting again :-)

    "As I leave the world today
    I have no regrets, only rush
    To be born again as someone
    Who is worthy of your love
    Goodbye dear, I am riding off from behind these bars
    Though in the night, I will meet you among the stars."

    Perfect ending! You are getting better and better! :-)

  6. Never knew a crime story could so well be weaved in verse. Hats off!

  7. Unbelievable. How could you write such a thing?This piece has left me bewitched and asking for more. This one's got to be your materpiece and need I say I loved it? Hell yeah! It's breath taking love! <3

  8. Shivam: Thank you so much! :)

    Princess Fiona: This sure was a long break, and the writer's block was pestering me! But it was a relief being able to pen this one down and fun! :) Thanks a lot dear, your words never cease to bring a wide smile to my face! Lots of love :)

    Phatichar: You're only being kind! :) Thank you!!

    Greeshma: Thanks so so much honeybunch! LOve yOu!!! :D :*

  9. kya karoon hun gentlemen main hun aadat se majboor :P

  10. I feel previleged to read this one .... now I have got addicted to your writing .. I'll ve to visit rehab center ,or soon u need to run those ... ur fans r going un-controllable ... boooooom !!