Friday, 14 December, 2012


Make me insignificant.

Like a drop in an ocean,
I want to lose my identity.

A face in the crowd nobody recollects
No names, no tags, no testimony to attest
An existence that I ever beheld.

Erase me from your memory
Let go of all that reads, speaks, feels akin me
I want liberation.


  1. dark. like really. and sober like one wouldn't want anyone to be.

  2. leave the face behind.
    pick up an ever changing mask-
    perpetually altering identities.
    none your own.

    Surely, you'll be away
    from madness and chaos
    and from sycophants
    who wiggle, and wriggle.

    But would you find peace?
    if you'll be erased from existence.
    a part of nobody's mind or dream.

    what form of liberation would that be?

  3. It is easier to move on when you want to move forward.