Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

I am afraid.

Don’t ask me why I wore a skirt
Ask them why the mother’s legs
Didn’t make their penis wander about
And violate her modesty, like they did mine.

Don’t ask me why I was out at night
Ask them about the working sister
She is out still, oblivious about the lecherous brothers
Oblivious there might be another eyeing her
She is me, she has a cunt.

If you can’t do this, give me a scar in the face
That never goes
That reminds you, me
Of the wounds that bleed on the outside
As much as they do inside
And reminds everyone with a cunt
That she will always be ‘the other’

Because today I am afraid
Of the empty house
Of the dark night
Of the lonely corridor
Of a shadow nearing mine
Of walking back to the house,
In a slow pace

Today I am afraid
Of half the human race.


  1. I feel ashamed today of being a boy :( I'm sorry girls... It even hurts our community :'(
    Wo Meri Behen To Nahi
    Par Us Jaisi Hi Nazar Aati Hogi,

    Gunaah Koi Karta Hai Uspar
    Or Chehra Wo Apna Chupaati Hai,

    Laanat Hai Eisi Mardangi Par
    Jo Hamein Itna Heen Banati Hai,

    Balaatkari Wo Shaksh Tanha Hi Nahi
    Mujhe To Saari Insaaniyat Blaatkaari Nazar Aati Hai,

    Mai Heiraan Hoon Ke Phir Bhi Koi
    Kis Kis Tarah Se Gir Jaata Hai,

    Eise Ghinone Apraadh Ko Dhakne Bhi
    Koi Vakeel Khada Ho Jata Hai,

    Shayad Us Shaksh Ke Saath
    Hamaari Bhi Aatmaaein Mar Gai,

    Yahi Soch Kar Meri Wo Behen
    Saamne Aane Se Dar Gai.

  2. Painfully beautiful. Sigh. I wish they'd think this way . .