Friday, 14 September, 2012


Warm feet,
arms, hands, those wanderers 
Breath, collide
A face, beautiful, seductive
Moist lips, skin radiating, pristine white
hair, darker than the night
A blanket covering the uncovered
darkness overwhelmed senses
lights needed no more.

Winter, stay.

Cold feet, a pair
arms rolled, a pair
No collision of breath
A face as cold as ice
melting into the crimson fire of pain
Cracked lip, raw skin
Upon an abandoned body
a blanket covering the uncovered, still
darkness overwhelming the senses, still
lights needed no more, still.

Winter, stayed.


  1. :O
    I was always- 'this is classic, this is amazing'... Today I just got one thing to tell you. THIS IS YOUR MASTERPIECE. Not many words, not many rhymes. Yet everything said. Yet everything KILLED, ROSE UP, WALKED IN AN EMPTY ROOM and STAYED crying 'OWNED'.

  2. Such a warm welcome to the most beautiful time of the year.

  3. Incorporated all the perfect ingredients to get the winter biting you in the skin! So well crafted! :) LOVE :*

  4. Frozen in time, is how I want us to be...Or may be not!

  5. the winter stayed.
    while the world moved on.

    oh this was sheer brilliance!