Monday, 17 September, 2012

The feet.

Little feet, crawling
Mouth, the only reception
Eyes watching, witnessing lies
Ears listening cries
Little feet learn
For they let them.

Not so little feet, escaping
Hiding in the dark
Too much light, too real a reality
Succumbing to their way
Not so little feet walk over
Pulling down anything between their path
Not so little feet have learnt
For they let them.

The old feet, at rest
No zeal, no time, no place to run
Old feet, make patters in the dust
Old eyes look, introspect
Of wasted miles, of wasted suns
Old eyes shut, they won’t open
The old feet unlearn
And they let them.


  1. You weave eternity outta grains of sand. U got that amazing ability to convey so much in silence. This is as touching as it could be.

  2. dumbfounded i tell you! dumbfounded!!