Monday, 25 November, 2013

A Carnal Fervour

Tossing and turning
Up and around
Those bodies intertwined
Those lips whimper softly
As they fight for dominance

His tongue then travels a path
From the nape of her neck
Finding its way to the navel
It lingers along the breasts

With eyes those of a tamed lioness
She looks at him as he charges ahead
His burning eager advances
Melts her supposed rebellion
As she lies there with her legs spread.

Her sweet entrance he pampers
When his tongue penetrates inside of her
With her body turning numb she moans
Not feeling her thighs anymore
Wetness and hardness come together again
As those bodies exhaust in a carnal fervor


  1. It's good...I enjoy reading it...:)

  2. She whispered trembling
    "Break me..... Please"

    He smiled
    "Oh beautiful creature....I just did"