Thursday, 18 July, 2013

Font 35

In every choke down your throat
In every outlandish thought you hide
In your meek smile
In those little blue eyes
In my lipstick stain at your forehead
In your last bite of pizza
In the little bread crumbs on your bed
I reside.

In your prayers sung and unsung
In your sip of warm coffee at the window pane
In the folds of the mattress on your bed
In the musk of your body, in your passionate advances
In your asking for blue but wanting red
In your love said and unsaid
I reside.

In a message on your phone, font 35
Of an ‘I love you’ to someone blonde and white
In a kiss planted on her lips than on mine
In your sudden disposition form beer to wine
In removing the little notes I would leave on your wall
In your ruining my life, in your breaking my heart
In the spaces between your fingers filled by hers
In an unknown fragrance from your last hug

I have died.


  1. My my... This was so touching re...

  2. Aww hugs!!
    But from HIS last hug I actually become ALIVE !!

  3. Aahhh, the madness of your ink.. may it live in perpetuity.
    I really loved this one...

  4. Nice...speaks heart out for many.. lol.. gud 1 !

  5. Crème de la creme.... Prolific writing....��